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Woman Accuses Singer Geosteady Of Child Neglect

May 12, 2019

Black Man Records CEO George William alias Geosteady is in spotlight not for the good reasons but child neglect allegations.

It is alleged that Geosteady and Nabweteme have a son together but the latter does not look after their son but spends most of his time with his expectant wife Prima Kardashi.

Nabweteme alleged that whenever she tries to reach Geosteady on phone, he does not pick up her calls.

She also explained that at one time she tried to use her sister’s WhatsApp to send Geosteady the photos of their son, she was instead blocked.

However, what hurts Nabweteme most is the fact that the ‘Viola’ singer has been lavishly spending on his expectant wife yet cannot provide even a coin for the kid he fathered.

Nabweteme then went on and called upon the Minister for Youth Ms. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to come to her rescue because the situation is alarming.