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Khaligraph Jones Responds To Allegations Of Steroid Use

April 25, 2019

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has been facing criticism from the fans for his massively built body.

For his big biceps and a huge chest, several critics have arose to pin Khaligraph Jones of using steroids to enhance his body.

In their argument, the rapper took the least time possible to attain the big muscles and there is no other way he could have achieved that without steroids in his blood system.

Despite him sharing several videos of himself going hard in gym sessions, critics are still puzzled and unconvinced that all he does is lift weights around.

While speaking to a local Kenyan website, the Mi Casa Sucasa rapper denied using the body enhancing supplements noting that he has always been a big man.

He added that only people with dedication and consistence to put in the hard work in the gym can understand what it took him to attain such a body.

The rapper also emphasized that using steroids alone cannot help anyone get a bigger body and it has been the gym that has done the magic on his.

He also explained that he goes hard in the gym because he wants to be the best at whatever he does from rapping, good looks, and earning money.